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eRaider Terms Of Use – First Time Activation

Use of TTU Information resources is subject to University OPs and other applicable laws. As an institution of higher education of the State of Texas, TTU is required to notify you of the following: “A) Unauthorized use is prohibited, B) Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring, C) Misuse is subject to criminal prosecution, and D) No expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws” (Title 1, Texas Administrative Code, 202.75).

I understand:
  • use of Texas Tech computers and networks requires prior authorization and my use of these systems may be monitored by automated and/or manual security testing procedures. I understand that unauthorized use of these systems is prohibited and abuse is subject to immediate termination of the account or service and University disciplinary procedure and/or criminal prosecution.
  • I must not purposely engage in activity that may: harass, threaten or abuse others; degrade the performance of Information Resources; deprive an authorized user access to an information resource; obtain extra resources beyond those allocated; circumvent computer security measures. I will not intentionally access, create, store, or transmit material which Texas Tech University may deem to be offensive, indecent or obscene.
  • I must comply with all policies, standards, and procedures adopted to safeguard information and associated information resources as outlined in the appropriate Texas Tech University Security Policies found at and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Security Policies found at
  • failure to comply with any of the conditions noted herein may result in immediate termination of the account or service. I further understand that the university retains the right to pursue prosecution when misuse of its information and/or information resources is suspected.
  • Texas Tech uses electronic methods of communications (e.g., email sent to a or email address, SMS to student or employee-provided cell phone number, etc.) to keep in regular contact. This may include formal communications, general announcements, and special alerts. I understand these communications are necessary to keep me informed of academic and administrative information, including but not limited to, financial aid, security alerts, and emergency notifications.
I agree to allow Texas Tech to contact me via electronic methods of communications, and affirmatively and voluntarily consent to the use of electronic records for electronic transactions.

By clicking on "I Agree", I attach my electronic signature to and agree to the above Terms of Use.